Classroom at A + Learning Center

Visit our new learning center location.

If you're considering one of the school programs at A+ Learning Center, ask about our references.

The education does not have to stop once your child leaves the classroom.

If you enroll your child in our After School Program, the education will continue until he or she goes home. We make learning fun and we have fully certified teachers on our staff to do so. To make our programs easier and more fun for both you and your child, we offer:

  • Transportation to and from school
  • Hot lunches and snacks
  • Large outside playground

Do you have two or more children?

We offer discount rates for parents enrolling two or more children. It is not easy to be a parent and it's even harder to be a parent of multiple children. We understand and we want to make this easier on you because you deserve it.

Children doing their art work

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